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Chez Manù [Castel Madary]

Chambre d'hote and petit restaurant .... To share the feeling of being at home, away from home, a little piece of Italy on the French Riviera.

Castel Madary is a stunning private villa within walking distance of a wild cove of crystal clear water, located in Les Issambres resort perpetually sunny entrance of the Gulf of Saint Tropez, which stretches along the coast through trails overlooking the sea, the property is located between Saint-Raphal, and Saint Maxim. In designing the structure, the hosts were inspired by the concept of accommodation English Relais Villa in order to create a mixed reality of private residence and common area used as accommodation lovingly cared for and lovingly decorated.

For those who want to enjoy the pleasure of an unforgettable dinner in the evening you can enjoy the cuisine of the hostess, excellent cook, in one of the various outdoor areas dedicated or common table.

The love of food, the passion for hospitality and dedication to the well-being and relaxation create a 'magical atmosphere and unique surrounded by a fascinating place.
And it is from here that , after a long journey, born Villa Man
Photos: Exterior
181 Aevenue de la Frégate - Les Issambres - 83380 Roquebrune-sur-Argens, Francia
Tel. cell. +39 348 810 9535 _ +33 494 791 142